Great Ways to Help Your Seniors Pursue their Passion While Staying at an Aged Care Facility

Growing old doesn’t mean growing unhappy. With your help, your senior loved ones can still find meaning in their old age and be connected with people who understand their needs better. It will also help if the facility you select has activities that will keep them entertained and involved. Even if they are living in a residential aged care facility in Victoria, it doesn’t mean they have to isolate themselves from the community. There are so many activities and programmes in a Victorian aged care facility that they can participate in so they can still pursue their passion and at the same time connect with people their age.


When looking for an aged care facility, make sure that the Victorian aged care facility has activities that are in-line with what your seniors love and are passionate about. It would help if the facility offers community service projects so your aging loved ones will still feel that they are part of the whole community even if they are housed in a care facility. Below are few project that they can be part of:


1. Mentoring Session. Millenials nowadays have limited or no skills at all when it comes to being self-sufficient. They rely mostly on technology and being self-sufficient is somewhat a foreign concept. Homesteading has actually become a dying tradition and thanks to a few millennials who chose to embark on this path, it has gained the interest of several homeowners who are fed up with skyrocketing mortgage bills. That is why it is important that the Victorian aged care facility you select also has a senior-youth mentoring programme so that the younger generation can learn important skills, like gardening from the elderly population.


2. Knit for a Cause. There are a lot of orphanages across the country that need baby blankets. Most elders are skilled at knitting and if your senior loved ones love to knit, they can make use of their skills to make baby blankets and donate them to local charities or children’s’ hospitals. This is a great way for your seniors to bond with people who have the same interest and will help their transition to the Victoria aged care facility much easier. More information at Aarcare.


3. Bake to Care. Most elderlies have secret recipes passed on to them by their great-grandparents. They know how to make homemade treats that will surely make you drool. Let your elderly loved ones pursue their passion in baking goodies by choosing an aged care VIC facility that will help them impart their time-tested skills in the kitchen, with guidance from the care staff. They can send their baked goodies to the heroes in your community like the firefighters and first aid responders. What a great way to make use of their talents in feeding those who constantly risk their lives to save others.


The above are just a few activities and community programmes that your seniors can participate. This will not only make their lives meaningful while staying in a facility for aged care Victoria has today, it will also boost their morale as they can continue doing things they love most. This is especially important if your loved ones do not require complex care and are not suffering from dementia, Alzheimers or Parkinsons. It is best to talk to care providers for recommended activities for elders who require complex nursing care. You may also visit for more details.